Release Automation Tools

Release Automation Tools for LabVIEW
Our tools help automate the testing, documenting, building, packaging and publishing of your projects. Built-in support for Git lets you trigger our tools from your repository, via GitLab CI/CD or Azure DevOps amongst others.


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These tools and modules can help you save time as you don’t have to develop them from scratch. We think it’s fair to participate in your benefit, so we’re sharing them for a license fee.

Features include support for automatically translating LabVIEW front panels, user management and access control, extensions for our hse-logger for rotating log files and logging to databases, DQMH modules for graphical configuration management and solutions for binding applications to dedicated hardware and issuing licenses…


Details coming soon! In the meantime, visit our Dokuwiki for more information.

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We are big believers in InnerSource and apply it to our customer projects. By opening up our code to the public and sharing it for free we make sure we stay on top of the tools and processes needed for that, and we pay back to the awesome LabVIEW community.

Feel free to browse our open source offerings: