How many clicks does it take you from saving your VI to getting your built project to your customer?

Release Automation Tools - Schematics

For us, it’s a lot. That’s what motivated us to look into automating some of our build steps. Today, our automation chain covers most of the important steps in our release process.

Benefits we (HSE) see in our daily work

Benefits we (HSE) see in our daily workBenefits we (HSE) see in our daily work

* DQMH Validator, VI Analyzer, Unit Tests, Documentation Generation


Available Automation Tools

All our tools are configurable on a per-repository basis

Scroll down for more information on How our Automation Chain works with GitLab and some Additional Documentation.

State Machine Documentation

Our Documentation tool is able to parse our HSE State Machine template to generate graphical (UML-like) diagrams using the PlantUML directly from the LabVIEW block diagram.


Parsing State Machines
Parsing State Machines

Dokuwiki Release Plugin

We created a plugin for our Dokuwiki platform that automatically generates download links for packages created by our Release Automation Tools. You can find an example at our HSE Windows Application Template‘s release page.


Dokuwiki Release Plugin
Dokuwiki Release Plugin

Graphical User Interface

Our stand-alone application allows you to execute the exact same tools that are run on the build servers on your own machine. For those times when you don’t have internet access or when you want to try things offline.


Stand-Alone Tool with Graphical UI

Upcoming Webinars

Join our webinars to learn more about our Release Automation Tools.

Currently we don’t have any dates fixed, but please reach out to us if you’re interested. We’re happy to accommodate a one-on-one meeting or another public webinar. We can also share recordings of past webinars.

  • On-Demand RAT Webinar

    Release Automation Tools – An Introduction

    Introduction into the overall structure and process landscape.
    Live demonstration of triggering the automation.
    Introduction of available RAT steps/scripts.
    Requirements for running RAT on your own infrastructure.


      • On Demand


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    This is a virtual event without physical presence. We will use Microsoft Teams to host this meeting. Please send an email if you’re interested in joining us. You can use the button below:

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