WUELUG receives NI User Group Innovation Award!

In addition to all the various fascinating activities at NIWeek this year (stay tuned for an in-depth account), National Instruments awarded outstanding user groups, with WUELUG amongst them!

WUELUG User Group Innovation Award
WUELUG wins NI’s User Group Innovation Award at NIWeek 2019

What are the Excellence Awards?

Each year NI hands out awards recognising the effort and dedication that goes into organising LabVIEW user groups.

User groups may receive awards in the following categories:

  • User Group of the Year goes to the User Group that demonstrated outstanding achievement across the board (i.e. technical expertise, fun and engaging meetings, member participation and growth).
  • User Group Innovation Award goes to the User Group who has the most creative strategies to attract and retain members, interesting agendas and different approaches to running a successful user group.
  • User Group Impact Award goes to the User Group who has driven business impact to their community/company or to the professional growth of its members.
  • Outstanding User Group Leader Award goes to an individual who has done an incredible job facilitating a successful user group. This individual is someone with strong business acumen, influential, and enthusiastic and dedicated to supporting others and the mission of the user group.

WUELUG Awarded

WUELUG received nominations for two categories, the User Group Innovation Award and the Outstanding User Group Leader Award. We (especially Joerg, of course) were absolutely delight to be so well received by the community here!

Ultimately we won the Innovation Award! We feel this award perfectly reflects our intentions with WUELUG.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to WUELUG in the past! Every participant, presenter, host, nominator, voter! We couldn’t have done it without you. And also congratulations to Chris Woodhams, the organiser of MLUG, who won the Group Leader Award!

Future of WUELUG

If you haven’t already, definitely come join us at the now award-winning WUELUG! The next meeting will be held in July in our premises, and we already have new innovative ways to make our meetings worth our members’ while (Code Reviews, anybody?)!

Come join us!

If the WUELUG has caught your interest, be sure to come in July! You can find the details in the forums page:


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