LabVIEW User Group Würzburg (WUELUG)

One way of giving back to a community is making the effort of bringing people together, helping them meet new friends and connect to each other. That’s why, together with NI, we’re starting up the LabVIEW User Group Wuerzburg (short: WUELUG)!

Würzburg (photo by Christian Horvat)
Würzburg (photo by Christian Horvat)

Yesterday, the WUELUG community page went online, and right now we’re planning the first meeting for LabVIEW afficionados from in and around Würzburg, to meet up with people and find out together where this journey might take us. The following paragraphs are taken from the community page:

Next and first meeting

We are currently planning the first meeting at Hampel Software Engineering at Frankfurter Str. 87 in Würzburg. To find an early date for the first introductory meeting, we ask you to join the Doodle survey.

We look forward to the first meeting of the User Group Würzburg with you!

New members introduce themselves

First, we ask all participants to introduce themselves. Please include your e-mail – we do not see them as group admins and it helps a lot if we want to send appointments, surveys … to all participants of the group

Let’s finish this up in german:

Jeder LabVIEW-Interessierte in Würzburg und Umgebung ist ganz herzlich dazu eingeladen, sich auf der WUELUG Community Seite zu registrieren und an der Doodle-Umfrage über den Termin für das erste Treffen abzustimmen. Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns bald!


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