Alexander Elbert joins #teamhampelsoft

Today, we’re extremely happy to announce that Alexander Elbert is joining #teamhampelsoft! Alexander is our latest full-time and first primarily remote teammate. Born in Spain, he adds yet another facet to our multinational team 🇪🇸🇭🇺🇩🇪🇦🇹

Purple shirt: Check.

Discovering HSE

Alexander originally found our company by reading Jörg’s comments and posts about DQMH in the NI Forums. He then later discovered our DokuWiki and open-source projects. These apparently left a significant impression on him. We’re always delighted when others find our work helpful.

Alex already has a lot of experience with LabVIEW and, vitally for us, with DQMH too. He started using them at his last workplace, optimising and acquiring data from a thermoforming machine. Having self-taught himself these technologies, he has a unique perspective and intuition.

Our situation

Suiting our current physically distanced world, Alex will be joining us virtually. His primary work place will be his home office, but we’ll make sure to meet up every few weeks at our headquarters to keep our human connection strong. Remote work has always been a strong suit of ours, and this new experience will only help us improve.

Alex has already started work with our customers and is quickly fitting in. He will mainly concentrate on both consulting on and implementing DQMH and software architecture with and for our customers.

As processes and their standardisation are ingrained deeply into our corporate culture, Alexander already put his mind on getting his LabVIEW certifications. He will also work on improving our Center Of Excellence tools and offerings.

#teamhampelsoft going strong
#teamhampelsoft going strong

We’re excited to expand our team and gain all the new opportunities and benefits that Alexander brings to the table! Our customers will also greatly benefit from our new setup.

Here’s to our successful mutual future, with great projects and lots of fun!

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