NI Center of Excellence (CoE)National Instruments has audited our processes and confirmed our extensive competence in team-based software development, and particularly the successful implementation of LabVIEW Best Practices with our customers. Hampel Software Engineering is the first German company, and one of less than 20 teams worldwide, to be awarded the CoE certification.

Our first one-day workshop – which took place just before the COVID-19 situation forced us to work from home – was all about assessment. We reviewed the processes, tools and structures for software development with LabVIEW. We discussed current and future requirements with regard to the architecture of the software. Building on the excellent preparation by NI’s sales and field engineers, we hit the ground running and were able to identify a number of tasks to immediately execute on:

  • Migrate the customer’s QMH-based framework to Delacor’s DQMH framework (a standardized, publicly available und hugely popular framework) to ensure alignment and future scalability in terms of both development and support resources
  • Hold a customized two-day training/workshop for Delacor’s DQMH framework with customer-specific code examples and course module (virtual via Microsoft Teams)
  • Support the implementation of tools and processes needed for facilitating Continuous Integration (CI)

Since April 2020, we’ve been working together on implementing a basic collection of DQMH modules, a skeleton for real-time applications, a customer-specific way of working including source code control and issue management, and setting up an automation server that is triggered via a CI/CD mechanism.

Full case study coming soon!

Our Center of Excellence Consulting page holds more details about our CoE-related offerings.