Most of our customers require of us to not disclose any specifics of the work we do for them. Please get in touch to hear more about our current and past projects:

  • Automated RT/FPGA-software for HVDC link test facility
    We presented on this project at NI Week 2017 in Austin, TX. You can find details and links to the presentation slides in our blog post.
  • Embedded controllers for automotive stand-alone tests
  • Interfaces between production lines (PLC) and databases
  • Javascript network communication driver for  LabVIEW
  • Test benches for fuel pump control units
  • Automated test software for CNG compressors
  • Measurement data recorder / data editor
  • Interface between production line (PLC) and MES
  • Automated test software for frequency converters
  • Vision inspection system for glue application
  • Communication drivers for frequency converters
  • Control devices for frequency converters
  • Centralized guidance systems for production facilities
  • Embedded controller for 3rd party measurement modules
  • PLC network communication driver for LabVIEW
  • Vision inspection system for aluminum bars
  • …and many more!


Libraries, device drivers and other little helpers, created and field-tested in real-world projects. This is a list of reusable software components:

  • DQMH Generic Networking:
    Template for generic (zero-coupled) network communication in DQMH framework
    Visit the gitlab repository
  • cmdline-tools & appbuilder:
    LabVIEW VIs for automated test, build, deploy and release processes triggered manually or directly from gitlab repositories
  • dokuwiki-gitlabapi:
    dokuwiki plugin für automated access of tags per repository
    Visit the gitlab repository
  • Wenglor weCat3D for LabVIEW:
    VI suite for plain ethernet communication via EthernetScanner DLL/Shared Library with WENGLOR MLSL sensors
  • OPTic Application Suite:
    Application template for AOI appliances running on NI Smart Cameras, with graphical Setup Tool for Windows
    VI suite for plain ethernet communication with Siemens Step7 PLCs


MT Aerospace, the German aerospace specialist from Augsburg, signed a multi-million contract with our customer HAGE for the supply of a custom HAGEmatic for precision work on the Bulkhead of Ariane 6, a rocket of the European Space Agency ESA.

HAGE entrusted us with the implementation of a distributed monitoring and logging system that leverages the power and flexibility of NI LabVIEW and the NI RIO technology to supervise – amongst others – milling and friction stir welding processes.


What level of experience do we have?

Joerg Hampel started toying around with software two decades ago.
He has been creating software professionally for a living for 17 years now.

Companies of all Sizes

We’re boasting years of experience with software development and project management approaches of companies of all sizes, from multi-national corporations to owner-managed high-tech firms.


Diverse Industrial Sectors

We also bring years of insight into very diverse industrial sectors and products. This experience proves to be a valuable means of creating crosslinks when assessing new assignments.


Hands-On Experience

Working side by side with our clients, sometimes even pulling all-nighters together to meet their deadlines, is the kind of real-world experience that teaches you all the things that can’t be found in manuals and books.

“Joerg listens, asks, understands, then delivers. Great work relationship!”