What is the NI Center of Excellence?

Under the name “Center of Excellence” (CoE), NI (National Instruments) has launched an initiative to promote the dissemination and deepening of best practices in software development among customers as well as partners. Development teams should be motivated to implement consistent and proven software practices in order to increase the quality of their own software projects and to benefit from the resulting advantages.

What distinguishes some teams from others? How can companies ensure that they get the most out of their software investment, strengthen their teams, maximize quality and drive innovation? A group of NI experts spent 5 years accompanying those customer teams that deliver great software and summarizing the best practices they observed under the name Center of Excellence.

Those teams that apply these best practices and opt for and then pass the CoE audit are awarded the Center of Excellence certificate. So far, fewer than twenty teams worldwide have achieved this elite accreditation.

Jump-start Your Journey Towards CoE

Our Center of Excellence (or CoE) Consulting offering brings together all of our services into a holistic package: We work with your team on implementing all the best practices listed in NI’s Center of Excellence curriculum, focusing our work on the specific needs of your team.

Better Software

We work on your projects together with you and your team. We teach CoE’s “Engineer good software” topics while implementing your code, on-the-job.

Better Processes

We introduce your team to best practices, teaching CoE’s “Ensure Technical Leadership” principles by applying them to the project we’re working on.

Better Proficiency

We hold courses and workshops with your team and help design education plans to cover CoE’s “Engage in Community Learning” contents.

Additional Information can be found in our LinkedIn Article (English) or in our Blog Post (Deutsch)


CoE: Implement Best Practices
Taken from NI’s CoE Curriculum: Implement Best Practices

National Instruments has audited our processes and confirmed our extensive competence in team-based software development, and particularly the successful implementation of LabVIEW Best Practices with our customers.

Hampel Software Engineering is the first German company to be awarded the CoE certification.

NI Center of Excellence