WUELUG21: Where Malleable VIs Take Center Stage

At the 21st WUELUG gathering on April 30, 2024, hosted at Vyaire Medical in Höchberg, attendees were treated to an insightful journey into the world of respiratory health technology. In terms of LabVIEW we took a deep dive into Malleable VIs

Attendees listening intently

Unveiling The Hidden Champion

Located in the serene setting of Höchberg, Vyaire Medical stands as a quiet yet impactful player in the MedTech industry. They are the “Hidden Champion” when it comes to respiratory health technology. What an honour for us to be able to witness firsthand the birthplace of cutting-edge products designed to measure every facet of lung function.

After a quick introduction by Jörg (HSE) we jumped right into our agenda.

Introduction by Jörg

Our host Daniel Scheder (Vyaire Medical) gave us an intriguing introduction to the company, its products, and its rich history. Additionally, he treated us to an enlightening tour of the production facilities.

Introduction by Daniel

We are always impressed by how much science there is behind almost every topic and product, and how technologically advanced all our WUELUG member companies are. Many thanks at this point to all the hosts – it’s always exciting to learn about a new topic.

Empowering Flexibility With Malleable VIs

The highlight and key topic of WUELUG21 was an engaging presentation by Manuel Sebald (HSE) on the revolutionary concept of “Malleable VIs” in LabVIEW. Introduced in 2017, these VIs epitomize flexibility, seamlessly adapting to diverse data types with ease. From the fundamentals of creating Malleable VIs to dynamic data handling, Manu’s discourse encapsulated the essence of this transformative technology.

What are Malleable VIs good for by Manu

The lively discussion on Malleable VIs ran like a read thread through the whole evening. Even though there were several other topics on our agenda, we always came back to Manu’s presentation on Malleable VIs.

Many thanks to the speaker and the participants for sparking these discussions – this is exactly how a user group should run! At the end of the day, we all emerged with a deeper understanding of this groundbreaking approach.

Nourishing Minds And Bodies

Amidst the scheduled presentations and lively debates, a moment of respite was savoured with some pizza, courtesy of our hosts at Vyaire Medical. Fuelled by culinary delights, attendees exchanged insights on LabVIEW and beyond, forging connections that transcend the boundaries of technology.

In conclusion, the 21st WUELUG gathering at Vyaire Medical GmbH was a testament to the enduring spirit of innovation and collaboration. We’d like to once more extend our heartfelt gratitude to Daniel and Özgür, as well as Vyaire Medical for supporting us in this insightful and fun endeavour! 💜

WUELUG22 in the Works

We are planning our 22nd meeting for fall 2024, most likely sometime at the end of September. Our main focus will be on a topic that affects us all in one way or another: Security.

Follow our socials for further information as soon as we have it. :leichtes_lächeln:

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