WUELUG19: Step By Step

The 19th gathering of WUELUG hosted at Bürkert Fluid Control Systems revolved the world of sequencers. For many LabVIEW users, encountering a sequencer is inevitable—it’s a tool for showcasing processes within a system or testing various product types with different programs.

labVIEW knights at the (not so) round table

A Journey Through WUELUG19

The 19th WUELUG meeting took participants back to the basics with not one, but two presentations focused on sequencers. Even though our agenda was not minutely fletched out, we managed to have a blend of captivating presentations and lively discussions.

The event commenced with a warm welcome by HSE’s own Jörg Hampel, setting the tone for an enriching experience ahead. Participants were then treated to an insightful company tour led by Oli Wachno of Bürkert, offering an inside look into operational intricacies.

Oli also delivered compelling TestStand application examples, showcasing practical applications of the discussed concepts. And who can forget Dan Press’ captivating introduction to the DQMH Test Sequencer.

Oli’s presentation

Sequencing Our Network

As the event unfolded, participants had the opportunity to showcase their personal sequencers, fostering an environment of collaborative learning and innovation. Attendees shared their own solutions and engaged in lively discussions. Of course, networking and socializing are an important part of WUELUG. It provided invaluable opportunities to forge connections and deepen professional relationships.

With Special Thanks To

Thank you to Bürkert Fluid Control Systems who has made this meeting possible by welcoming us on their premises. Also, we thank our host Oli and all those who participated and contributed to this event. Many more thanks go to the engineers at Wachno who provided us with food and drink. Cheers!

WUELUG19 truly encapsulated the spirit of exploration and community, leaving us inspired and enriched.

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