WUELUG16: Getting the Gang Back Together

It’s been far too long since our last in-person WUELUG. Over two years! But we finally had the chance to see our #labviewfriends face-to-face again at Ehrler Prüftechnik in Niederstetten at WUELUG16.


Background of WUELUG16

Originally intended for Spring 2020, Ehrler Prüftechnik kindly agreed to host a WUELUG. Of course, the pandemic had other plans for us. At first, delayed indefinitely, we finally succeeded in organising it for last week. This was the very first time we were able to see each other for two long years. Does anyone still remember our WUELUG08 at ​iNDTact? Naturally, we all tested ourselves before meeting, to leave nothing up to luck.

Ehrler Prüftechnik is a company specialising in developing flow measurement units. A niche area granted, but an essential technology to basically all branches of industry. EP works for many large customers in Germany and internationally.

The Tour

We kicked off WUELUG16 with a tour all around EP’s facilities. Industrial buildings are always mesmerising, smelling of metal and grease, humming, buzzing, blinking… And of course, LabVIEW software to control it all! LabVIEW is used in conjunction with SPS and C# to monitor machines, visualise and exchange data, and back up to the cloud. All-in-all it’s an incredibly robust solution. The Industrial Internet of Things concept is definitely utilised to the max at EP. They also have many certifications, allowing them to perform critical calibration and measurement tasks reliably.

Touring EP


Fortunately, we weren’t interrogated, just served lovely BBQ food. EP generously provided us with an assortment of sandwiches, meats and drinks. Visiting a company is interesting sure, but what could be better than eating with fellow LabVIEW enthusiasts? To further the fun, we collaboratively tried to solve some Daily CLAD challenges.

Grilling at WUELUG16
Solving the Daily CLAD challenge


Thanks once again for the tour, snacks, drinks, and general friendly atmosphere Ehrler Prüftechnik! We hope it will not be the last time we meet there. 🙂

What happens after WUELUG16?

Well, who knows? The current situation is certainly entirely unpredictable. If you want to stay up to date, visit the WUELUG forum using the button below. See you next time!


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