WUELUG14: Of Dependencies and Packages

Our latest Würzburg LabVIEW User Group meeting – WUELUG14 – revolved around the topic of managing dependencies and packages in LabVIEW projects. Record numbers show that we’re on the right track picking our topics. Presenters – both well-known and new to WUELUG – who know what they’re talking about, and an audience that keeps the meeting alive with great questions… what could we ask more for?

WUELUG14 in action
WUELUG14 in action

Outline of WUELUG14

Kicking things off was our own Jörg, who detailed our internal best practice of keeping dependencies inside of projects repositories. He not only shared how that’s done at HSE, but also how that approach is problematic in some situations.

Next was Stefan Lemmens, who explained the ins and outs of using Conan with LabVIEW. Conan is a widely popular (and open-source!) package manager, that for some reason hasn’t widely spread in the LV community. Yet! Stefan hopes it will reach a better adoption, for his day-to-day work it’s essential. Conan is designed for C/C++ programs and has excellent artifact control systems.

Next was Steen Schmidt who introduced us to his code quality and reuse guidelines. Steen is the CTO and founder of GPower and knows everything there is to know about clean, efficient and reusable NI LabVIEW code.

Most fascinating was that he actually explained their real-life use cases. This way the presentation wasn’t purely theoretical, but on the contrary extremely pragmatic. Just how we like it at HSE. GPower uses a powerful versioning scheme, which we highly recommend too.

In the remaining time, an impromptu discussion popped up involving all participants, looking into various strategies, debating the linking in LabVIEW, wondering about current and future tools and much more. This is the main benefit of WUELUG in our opinion. We love seeing the community so engaged. This makes all the sunken energy worthwhile for us.

Conserved for posterity

Couldn’t attend the meeting? No problem – check out the videos for yourself! These things are much better viewed straight from the source, not just from our summary.

Package Management with Conan (Stefan Lemmens)

Code Quality & Design for Reuse (Steen Schmidt)

Come and join us!

If we have managed to awaken your interest, please do come and join us at future meetings! The next one takes place in January 2022, and the way things are going, it’s going to be another virtual one.

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