WUELUG13 – NI Certifications

Our triskaidekaphobic readers need not worry, WUELUG13 was anything but unlucky. We had the opportunity to learn all about NI’s certifications paths, and listen to insiders sharing tips and tricks on how to best prepare when getting certified.


The Presenters

Adrienn Nagy, an Education Services Specialist, from NI kicked off our latest user’s group by explaining the certification from her company’s point of view. You can’t get any more direct than that, right? She explained everything there is to know about the available certification procedures. Particularly interesting was the point-based recertification system. There’s absolutely no need to worry, just keep showing up to the WUELUGs, and you’ll receive more than enough points to recertify. Her slides are available for your reading pleasure at this link.

Presenting next was Elwood Fischer, also from NI. This time, however, remoting in from the other side of the pond. He is an NI Certification Engineer, so he is the actual person designing the examination tasks. He explained insanely useful details about how the exams usually work and what NI expects from you, the examinee. It’s well worth watching the recording here.

Departing from NI, Andi of Kreiseder IT Services offered his own views regarding the exam procedures. Being a certified professional instructor, he certainly has the insight needed. He introduced many of us to the NI badge system, which is a great accompaniment to the proper courses. Collecting badges is also cool for your CV. We were also told about the various freely available NI preparation materials that help immensely with learning. Finally, we discussed his favourite books from the LabVIEW world. Read the slides here.

Lastly, Alexander presented his certification goals and his planned road to get there. This attracted many like-minded people, who all jumped on board with the idea. Thus our WUELUG CLD study group was born.

What we learned at WUELUG13

For some more in-depth personal experience of certifications, be sure to read Manu’s brilliant article on his journey to the CLD. Jörg also freshly wrote an article, concentrating more on the interpersonal aspects and benefits of certification. Check it out now on his LinkedIn page.

What’s up next for us and WUELUG

The community is the most important part of WUELUG, not the meetings themselves. This cliché-sounding fact has been proven once again. Together with many attendants, Alexander organised and scheduled a study group for CLD preparation. As everyone knows, learning together is the best way for success. Mutually helping each other is a key component in our #labviewfriends circle. Don’t be shy, come and join the study group! We can guarantee you fun and friendly support, and hopefully the CLD exam too.

CLD Study Group


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