Another three months, another wonderful WUELUG experience! Continuing our trend of visiting companies with active LabVIEW utilisation, WUELUG07 was held at UG SYSTEMS.



UG SYSTEMS was founded in 2008 in the picturesque city of Bamberg. They create specialised tests systems, to be able to individually evaluate each component of a vehicle. They use a wide variety of software to create tests, including LabVIEW, of course. In addition, UG SYSTEMS is a LabVIEW alliance partner. Torsten Harfst, an employee of UG, made the kind offer of hosting us.

The Meeting

We are proud of the fact that WUELUG continues rapidly expanding in size! 26 people came this time, including many new participants. We’re delighted that WUELUG is still attracting new people, it’s always lovely to get to know the LabVIEW community.

We kicked off WUELUG07 by diving straight into the presentations. UG SYSTEMS introduced themselves and showcased all the innovative NI technologies they are putting to good use.

Then, Oli Wachno delivered a presentation on the modular programming software design technique. Modular programming, as its name suggests, is based around the idea of sorting elements into modules. This promotes efficiency in programming. He also discussed the SOLID programming principles, which form the basic principles of object-oriented programming.

Learning from previous experience, we dedicated a longer pause, to allow everyone to mingle and network properly. And of course, to eat some pizza and gather some NI goodies.

After the break, Joerg demonstrated our Coding and Style guidelines. He used our Dokuwiki page as a basis. To our satisfaction, this presentation led to a lively discussion about the various guidelines each company and person implements and their benefits. We were delighted to hear all the different experiences and tips and we will continue to streamline our approach for the best possible fit.

Like last time, we implemented the highly popular code review event. This lets us get back to our pragmatical roots and hands-on learning. We took an existing piece of code and everyone could analyse it and say their thoughts on it. Like the style discussion, we also heard many differing opinions, which is always fascinating.

Specifically, we reviewed different variations of configuration systems that read and save config files. Achim, Marco, Cord and Manu each presented their own ideas, thanks for that!

What we learned from WUELUG07

As always, we strive to provide the best possible User Group experience for each attendee. Our conclusion is that the style guideline and code discussion is still a popular event. We love it too! Next time, we’ll have a well visible agenda so everyone can keep track of the happenings. In addition, we’ll stick with ordering food beforehand, so no time is wasted.


The WUELUG saga continues of course! We’ll be meeting next on the 27th of January 2020. This time, at iNDTact, a local company, who manufacture smart sensor systems for industry 4.0. We plan to hold a style and code discussion yet again. Don’t miss out! Follow the events in our NI forums group!

NIDays Europe

As mentioned in WUELUG, our next big event is NIDays Europe in Munich, where James McNally and Joerg will speak about the utilisation of open-source projects in LabVIEW, with a special regard to governance and communication.

Come, meet us at the biggest NI event of Europe!

NIDays Registration

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