WUELUG06: July 2019

WUELUG06, our sixth meeting, took us back to the HSE head-quarters. In spite of the summer break and travel bans, 18 #LabVIEWfriends went literally the extra mile to join us, two of them new members! The verdict: Excellent presentations, inspiring discussions, and a code review that turned into an LVOOP crash course.

WUELUG06: LabVIEW Aficionados beating the summer heat!

In case you don’t know, our user group has been awarded National Instruments’ User Group Innovation Award at NIWeek 2019!

So if you’re wondering why we got rid of tables, or how we pick topics that interest everyone in the group, please join our community at bit.ly/WUELUG and we’ll let you in on our secret innovation plans 😉

The Presentations

After a brief kick-off, Oli started out talking about different approaches for plugin architectures. He mentioned subVIs in sub panels, loading VIs dynamically, and finally arrived at using LVOOP to implement a robust foundation for a plugin-based architecture. Maybe he is to blame for what happened later? Read on to find out 🙂

Next on the agenda was my talk about “What’s new in LV2019”, followed by an outtake of Darren Nattinger’s awesome presentation on LabVIEW speed (or, as he puts it: I find your lack of programming speed disturbing). Big shoutout and thank you for letting us reuse it, Darren! Everybody learned something new from it.

The Code Review

After the break, Manu did a code review of our hse-logger. It’s part of our public / open-source reuse libraries, a logging tool inspired by the python logger. The whole library is LVOOP-based, with the logger object processing log messages through facilitating different log handler objects, which then write log files, use databases or trigger user events.

Maybe due to Oli dipping our toes into the LVOOP waters and sparking interest, Manu’s code review quickly transformed into a discussion / crash course on object orientation in LabVIEW (and in general). It was great to see the passion and the dynamics within the group, and all the bigger and smaller tips and tricks that came together.

The End

Same as last time with WUELUG05, the discussions were so engaging that we lost track of time and had to stop short after 4 hours. I didn’t even get to present our coding and style guidelines – we’ll make up for that next time.

From the bottom of my heart, I cannot begin to express how much I enjoy everybody’s enthusiasm. Thank you, guys!

A special thank you goes to National Instruments and our new contact there, Anna Gyarmati. Thank you so much for your help, your support and also for the sponsoring – rest assured that it is very much appreciated!

The Outlook

WUELUG07 will be held in October at UG Systems in Bamberg (thank you, Torsten Harfst!!).

WUELUG08 will be held in January at iNDTact in Würzburg (thank you, Oliver Radestock!!).

Come join us!

If the WUELUG has caught your interest, be sure to attend our next meetings!

You can find the details in the forums page:


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