WUELUG02: July 2018

The second meeting of the Würzburg LabVIEW User Group (WUELUG) took place on Monday 9th of July in our offices. We had two presentations, delicious food and inspiring conversations. Verdict: Success!

WUELUG02: Second meeting of the Würzburg LabVIEW User Group
WUELUG02: Second meeting of the Würzburg LabVIEW User Group

WUELUG Presentations

Even though this was the second meeting, it was the first with a formal agenda: Manu and I talked about “DQMH in Practice” in preparation for our Dev Days presentation, and Oli was kind enough to talk about the “Evolution from Quick Coding to Clean Code”. We struggled a bit with finding the best place for the beamer and the screen, but there are worse things than user group meetings on a sunny Monday evening.

After the presentations, some of the members shared the obstacles and problems they currently face in their work with LabVIEW, and we had some open discussions about how to go about those things. It really feels like we’re already starting to grow closer as a group, and I’m very happy about that.

WUELUG Socialising

Another thing we’d learned from our first meeting was that if we manage to talk 3.5 hours instead of the scheduled two, hunger will kick in sooner or later. We ordered from two different local places (Pizza and Veggie fast food) and managed to time the deliveries so that we could eat in between presentations. This made for a nice break and helped loosen up the atmosphere.

A big thank you goes out to Martina Fürmetz and National Instruments, who offered to sponsor our dinner. I think that’s awesome, but definitely not because we ate for free! We put a lot of effort into organising these meetings, and all our members make the effort of travelling here and attending these meetings in their spare time. NI’s recognition of these efforts goes a long way towards motivating people to keep them up. So – again – thank you!

WUELUG Outlook

With the next meeting – WUELUG03 – already in place (mid October in our office) and the topics already set (Oli and I talk about Skills Development), we’re already thinking about the next but one meeting. We might be able to organise an excursion to a very interesting surprise venue. Stay tuned… 😉

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