State Machine Parsing

When one of our customer projects required a proper state machine, Steve Watts was generous enough to provide SSDC‘s rock-solid template, which I used as a springboard. Building on top of that, our brand-new State Machine Parser is now able to generate State Chart Diagrams from the actual source code! The icing on the cake? Being featured on Steve’s Random Ramblings on LabVIEW Design blog!

Parsing State Machines
Parsing State Machines

Last year, one of our customer projects called for a proper state machine for sequencing the actions and events in a test system. A robot, a PLC, a DAQ device and the operator play the most important parts in that system. Inspired by one of Steve Watts’ recent ramblings and a previous heated discussion with another customer on how to integrate state machine logic into a DQMH module, I decided to set out and create a reference design for an HSE State Machine.

Steve was generous enough to share SSDC’s marvellous state machine template with us – thank you so much, Steve! I’m very happy with what we have now: Both the HSE State Machine for DQMH template and the RAT Documentr tool.

You can read the whole article – including details on the state machine architecture, and which benefits this somewhat backwards approach of generating the diagram from the actual code offers – on Steve Watts’ Random Ramblings on LabVIEW Design blog:

Parsing State Machines: An Iterative Design Process

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