NIWeek 2019

Each year at the end of May, Austin in Texas is the place to be for LabVIEW aficionados: It’s NIWeek, National Instruments’ most important event of the year! We are determined to make presenting at NIWeek a personal tradition. This year, we also had the opportunity to participate in a special competition. And on top of it all, our WUELUG received an award!

Opening Keynote at NIWeek 2019

The Event

As usual, NIWeek took place in the swelteringly hot Austin, Texas. The conference was jam-packed with all sorts of presentations, discussions, workshops.

NIWeek launched off with a very motivating keynote from Scott Kelly, astronaut, former Space Shuttle pilot and commander of the International Space Station. To Joerg’s delight, many of his personal views regarding work and life appeared in the speech. For example, valuing the importance of failing and then learning from that failure was a central point.

Challenge of the Champions

The CoC was held on Tuesday. Several LabVIEW Champions, including Joerg were pitted against veteran NI devs in a series of LabVIEW trivia questions. The competition was neck-to-neck until the final question, when the champions lost all of their points and the NI devs doubled theirs. This must be avenged next year! Check out the footage here.

Joerg’s Presentation

Just like last year at GDevCon, Joerg detailed all the common traps that can cause a LabVIEW project to fail. His How to Blow your LabVIEW Project in Surprisingly Few Steps presentation was this time however presented to an audience from a more international background. But naturally, it achieved the same success.

Watch the presentation here:


LabVIEW User Group Awards

Our very own User Group, WUELUG was nominated for two categories at NIWeek, the User Group Innovation Award and the Outstanding User Group Leader Award. Ultimately we won the Innovation Award! We are delighted about this feedback from the community and the rewarding of our efforts.

If the WUELUG has caught your interest, be sure to come in July! You can find the details in the forums page:


After the end of the conference, Joerg met with Fabiola De la Cueva and Steve Watts. Together with his fellow GDevCon organisers, they worked out the details of the workshop event at GDevCon. Stay tuned for more details!

Tickets are still available for GDevCon. Hope to see you there!


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