Matthias Müller joins #teamhampelsoft!

We are thrilled to welcome our newest team member to HSE – Matthias! Hailing from Germany, Matthias joins our dynamic developer team as yet another remote member, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and a passion for software engineering.

Matthias Müller, Oct. 2023

With a background in mechanical and process engineering studies, he stumbled upon LabVIEW, while programming industrial testing machines. It was love at first code for Matthias as he delved deeper into the world of software engineering.

In the era of the Industrial Internet of Things, someone actually has to develop the bridge between hardware and software. And that’s where LabVIEW and the power of the Delacor Queued Message Handler (DQMH) framework came into play for Matthias.

It was actually during one of our training workshops for DQMH, that he first crossed paths with HSE. His proficiency in this technology and his engineering background made him the perfect fit for our pragmatic focus on solving real-world industrial challenges.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Matthias leads an adventurous life. When he’s not busy designing software architectures, he can be found embarking on long motorbike travels, or even parachute jumping!

#teamhampelsoft, assemble!!

At HSE, we are eagerly anticipating the contributions Matthias will bring to our team. With his technical prowess, enthusiasm, and shared passion for innovation, we are confident that our collaborative efforts will lead to exciting developments and solutions that will continue to shape the future of industrial software engineering. Welcome aboard, Matthias!

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