Manuel Sebald joins #teamhampelsoft

Today, we’re announcing the biggest game changer for our company in 2017 (even though he started six months ago): Manuel Sebald, the first software engineer to join #teamhampelsoft full-time.

Joerg Hampel & Manuel Sebald (photo (c) Sebastian Panzer)
Joerg Hampel & Manuel Sebald (photo (c) Sebastian Panzer)

We have deliberately held back this public notification until now to wait and see if this change is for the long run. After half a year of working together side by side, it’s safe to say that Manuel is the perfect match for our company.

What do we need?

HAMPEL SOFTWARE ENGINEERING is the number-one LabVIEW consultancy in the region of Würzburg and beyond. We promise our customers to take care of their needs, in the best way technically possible. Delivering to our customers what we promised requires nothing short of excellent work of us. Each day, every day.

What do we get?

Manuels willingness to perform and his calm and polite nature perfectly match our company culture. He assumes full responsibility for his tasks and sees them through to the end without exception.

We’ve spent very much time on code reviews and pair programming in the last months, and Manuel has been eager to always learn more. He already passed the CLAD exam (the first level of LabVIEW certification), so I’m quite confident that I won’t be travelling alone to the CLA summit 2019.

After having worked for a large international corporation, he values the flexibility and the short chain of command of our small organisation. What we can offer is exactly what he was looking for. We’ll be working hand in hand, continuing to grow our company in the months and years to come.

Last but not least

We’re having lots of fun together!

The true faces of #teamhampelsoft
The true faces of #teamhampelsoft

Obviously, we’re looking very much forward to 2018. With our team in place, we’re already working at the next great things. Stay tuned for more #teamhampelsoft news!