Magdalena Zipf Joins #teamhampelsoft

Allow me to introduce myself as the latest addition to the team of HSE. My name is Magda and I am here to sprinkle some linguistic magic over our LabVIEW adventures as well as all the other exciting projects in our pipeline.

Magda, Feb 24

Now, typically, Jörg or Bence are the masterminds behind these introductory articles, but I am here to take this task off their hands and make their lives a bit easier. Thus, they have more time to make the lives of our customers easier.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Culture Studies, I have taken a swerve into the realms of Journalism and Corporate Communications. Currently, I am working hard (more like hardly working) on a master’s thesis with a topic that has yet to reveal itself. The suspense is killing me!

Fresh from an exhilarating internship at the local newspaper in Würzburg, I knew it was time for me to dip my toes into the PR pond. While I was looking for a student job that promises both intrigue and purpose, I came across Hampel Software Engineering. They were looking for someone to support them in the PR and marketing department. Safe to say, I jumped at this opportunity. What drew me in, especially, was their ethos – it is compassion for their projects, the opportunity to grow together and an unstoppable “Let’s Do It” spirit.

Sure, a software firm might seem like a curveball for me. Let’s face it, my coding skills are so basic, I barely manage to whisper “Hello World.” But what I lack in technical finesse, I make up for in spades with a solid grasp of the English language and the occasional flash of genius when it comes to writing and content creation.

Beyond my professional pursuits you’ll find me indulging in internet culture, a good book, a mediocre run or a board game night with friends. Ideally everything at the same time.

I cannot wait to work alongside the incredible team at HSE and dive headfirst into a partnership that promises plenty of (virtual) high-fives along the way.

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