HSE Summit 2024

Just as in the years before, we gathered our international colleagues for our highly anticipated HSE Summit 2024 at our headquarters in Würzburg. It was a week filled with a perfect blend of work and fun that left us all inspired and energized for the new year.

With the whole team before our escape room challenge

Kicking it off

We started the summit with a satisfying breakfast, setting the stage for discussions on strategy. What are our goals for the year ahead and how are they in line with our vision? With a full belly we reflected on past projects and gleaned valuable insights to guide our growth and improvement. And of course, we took some time to update our team photos—we need to keep up appearances after all.

Lunchtime brought delicious sandwiches and pancakes, fueling us for an upcoming escape room mystery. Through teamwork and determination, we emerged victorious with a mere two minutes to spare (though who’s keeping track?). As the day drew to a close, we unwound with a laid-back session of darts and billiards.

Proof of our victory
Jörg is shifting into hyperfocus

Getting Down to Business

The second day was dedicated to the nitty-gritty of our work. We highly prioritize professional project management as it serves as our guiding principle. It is the cornerstone of our vision. Through careful analysis, we pinpointed further areas for improvement and augmented strategies to address them. Much like Simon Sinek emphasizes in the Infinite Game, we view our work as an ongoing journey of continuous improvement, constantly seeking opportunities for enhancement.

Transitioning into technical discussions, we explored topics such as VI Analyzer and its implications, particularly in terms of running tests and planning our next steps. We also deliberated on the base version of LabVIEW for our tools, considering whether reverting to LV16 would ensure compatibility with customers still using older versions of LabVIEW.

Later in the evening, we kept to the longstanding HSE tradition and treated ourselves to a fancy steak dinner.

Satisfied and happy after our steak dinner

Wrapping Up with Purpose

As our discussions on workflow and project management concluded, another significant decision emerged: The transition of our HSE-internal reuse libraries to vi.lib. This sparked lively conversations regarding its implications and the adjustments required. Without revealing too much, we were able to demonstrate the operational conditions under laboratory settings. Stay tuned, it will be epic!

Amidst the final tasks, one resounding message echoed through our discussions: Talk, Talk, Talk. Whether it’s with each other, the community, customers, or just a rubber duck. Communication is key for the success of any project!

HSE Summit 2024 Verdict

To our incredible team, both near and far, thank you for joining us at this summit. Here’s to many more fruitful collaborations and memorable moments in the future! And if you want to learn more, read up on former HSE Summits.

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