HSE Summit 2021

#teamhampelsoft has outgrown a single collocated office, so we’re not able to meet everybody in person on a regular basis. Even for those of us living in the same region, the pandemic has rendered physical meetings inappropriate. This is why we were delighted to be able to host our first ever HSE Summit last month – an in-person event focused on fostering our processes, our culture and our team spirit!

HSE Summit escape room

The HSE Summit

Between remote work and pandemic-related restrictions, it’s a rare event to meet a single colleague in person, let alone more than one or all of them. Despite the longing to make this gathering reality, Joerg was fully aware of the implications and risks and made sure to provide COVID antigen tests every day in the morning. Thankfully, everybody in the team is not only fully vaccinated but agreed to self-test in order to keep each other safe. Thank you, #teamhampelsoft!

Having every single member of the team in the same room was a powerful catalyst to align processes, develop solutions to problems, introduce new strategies, and fuel collaboration across the team.

We started off the HSE Summit by making sure everyone was on the same page regarding our Way of Working and internal best practices. The discussion included, amongst others, our way of creating set/get functions, how we handle state machines and what we found best for our bookmark provider. And of course, our ever so important favourite Quick Drop shortcuts.

In addition, we talked through our requirements and risk mitigation strategies. We have to meticulously note and track our requirements and risks for every single project. Risk assessment is a crucial step for us and our customers.

Not to mention our CI tools and RAT. This topic involved heavy discussion of our Source Code Control strategy. We talked about our usage of merge requests, git triggers and proper version tag formats, and how to further improve automation of our processes. And of course, as code analysis is necessary, we naturally didn’t forget the VI Analyzer.

Last but not least, we covered the always essential time tracking and project management analysis topics, optimising the information we gather from the tracked data.

It’s okay to have fun

We also had planned for some fun parts. To practice working harmoniously together as a team, we entered an escape room. Tasked with finding the secret and gruesome laboratory details of Dr Mendula, we worked hard till the very last minute. We succeeded with literally seconds left on the clock. How’s that for Just-in-Time delivery?!

Afterwards, we stopped for a quick cake and coffee break and then embarked on a city tour of the lovely city of Würzburg. Not everyone had visited before, so it was fun to discover all the beautiful baroque and rococo buildings.

To finish off the day, we had a delicious dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, where we bonded over a few beers and our ineptness at using chopsticks.

#teamhampelsoft at the restaurant

Roll Cameras

The next day we started filming the new version of our image video. Since none of us are professional actors (as of yet), this wasn’t easy at all. Retakes, reshoots, edits – we needed it all.

Image video shooting

But luckily we had an amazing occasion to celebrate, many-many anniversaries. Alexandra’s five year anniversary, Bence’s three year anniversary and Alexander’s one year anniversary. Let’s work together as #teamhampelsoft for many years more!

#teamhampelsoft anniversaries

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