GDevCon #2 Outlook

One of the most important events in our social agenda this year is GDevCon #2, everyone’s favourite independent graphical developer conference. It’s taking place from August 20-22, with a new, updated venue in Birmingham, UK! Get your ticket while they still last!

The venue of GDevCon #2
The Unique Venues Birmingham building

Background of GDevCon

GDevCon is an entirely independent conference, this means that there’s no outside commercial influence and every decision is up to the community to decide. GDevCon is not-for-profit organisation, entirely dedicated to serving the community without any outside influence of sponsors.

It was formed two years ago by 10 companies – Hampel Software Engineering being one of them, all heavily involved with LabVIEW development and the LabVIEW community. These companies had prior experience with attending and organising user groups all across the globe (just think of our WUELUG). As a result, GDevCon evolved to become the “user group of user groups“. In essence, this means that GDevCon utilises all the best qualities of user groups; tight-knit communities, direct interaction, learning from and with each other, with a larger scale conference.

If you want to listen to some found members discussing the core principles, be sure to check out the GDevCon episode of the Quick Drop Podcast, hosted by Jonathan Hobson.

Quick Drop Podcast

GDevCon #1

Last year, the very first GDevCon was a huge success and we enjoyed our time there very much. Joerg presented his “How to Blow your LabVIEW Project in Surprisingly Few Steps” presentation, which explained all the common pitfalls in software development process and how to overcome them with various best practices. Watch the video on YouTube!


For more info about the presentation and the conference in general, check out our write-up of last year!

What’s new in GDevCon #2

Due to the success of the first conference, we have outgrown our previous venue, and decided to move to the heart of the English Midlands, Birmingham. Featuring great transport opportunities, by air, rail or road Birmingham is ideal for a meet-up. In addition it has numerous tourist attractions nearby, including Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare, the Great Bard.

GDevCon is focused on collaborative, practical learning. The perfect solution to this are workshops, so this is what we will test-drive this year: A workshop on the day before the presentations.

Delacor (Fabiola De La Cueva), SSDC (Steve Watts) and HSE (Joerg) are joining forces, hosting the first “DSH Workshop” together!

In short, the workshop’s goal is to impart pragmatical, hands-on knowledge on software engineering principles. The attendees will have the opportunity to implement a solution to an actual, real-world problem.

It’s definitely going to be fun, see you there! 🙂

HSE at GDevCon

Like usual HSE is not just a participant, but an active organiser at GDevCon. We will be handling Social Media and community outreach, so be sure to check our usual channels, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and YouTube.

Come join the fun!

If this post has awoken your interest, come join us! Tickets are still available, but are selling out fast! The workshop only has 5 more available, come grab yours! Tickets sale end on August 5.


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