CLA Summit 2018 in Madrid

As a Certified LabVIEW Architect, I’ve attended the last four European CLA Summits in Rome, Berlin, Vienna, and now this year in Madrid. With every summit, this event feels more like a family reunion, with one exception: Conversations are way more interesting!

GDevCon Gang meeting at CLA Summit in Madrid
GDevCon Gang meeting at CLA Summit in Madrid

The special thing about the CLA summit is that the community is in charge of most things, with NI sponsoring and covering most of the cost. Here’s to NI – thank you for this awesome event!

This time, the event held two tracks, with the topics of “Efficiently Working with LabVIEW” and “Working with LabVIEW in Teams”. Pascal Heinen (Chair) and James McNally (Co-Chair) did an outstanding job organising this great summit, together with lots of others I’d like to thank: All of the presenters who shared great content, all of the attendees who shared interesting opinions, and all of NI’s staff who were there to talk business and/or fun stuff!

In terms of content and discussion, I just want to say: How often to you get to watch Stephen Loftus-Mercer (NI), Allen C. Smith (Actor Framework), Mattias Ericcson (G#), Fabiola De La Cueva (DQMH) and other CLAs discuss the possibilities of finally bringing a long-wanted feature (OO interfaces) into LabVIEW, live and right in front of you? Yeah, that’s what I thought… And let’s not forget to mention that Andrei Zagorodni triggered this session with an awesome proof of concept implementation of OO interfaces of his own, a project he took on after last year’s CLA Summit. Thanks, Andrei!

I was very busy tweeting each presentation I attended, so instead of copying all of those tweets, let me point you to our twitter feeds for some impressions:

After the summit is before the summit, they say, and I’m already looking forward to meeting the family again next year. Luckily, I don’t have to wait that long to meet some (hopefully many) LabVIEW friends again, as we’ll be visiting the first GDevCon conference in Cambridge, UK, on September 4-5. See you there!

4 thoughts on “CLA Summit 2018 in Madrid

  1. That OO Interfaces discussion was the highlight of the CLA Summit for me. It is one example of why it pays to arrive early and leave last, that way we don’t miss these opportunities. It also solidified what I said during my presentation, getting your CLA does not mean you have arrived and there is no more to learn. Getting your CLA is an entry ticket to way more things to learn than you ever imagined.
    Let’s not forget that this discussion would not have been possible without the seed work of Andrei Zagorodni, who by the way, created the OO Interface proof of concept on his free time… as a hobby project!

    It was great to see you at the CLA Summit. See you at GDevCon!

  2. This is embarassing – how could I forget to mention the source of this!? Sorry, Andrei, edit is in the works. This must mean that I need to catch up more sleep than I thought 😉

    Thanks, Fab, for the reminder!

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