CLA Summit 2015 in Rome

Travelling to Rome to the European CLA Summit turned out to be extraordinarily valuable to me, both in terms of meeting new people and learning new stuff about LabVIEW.

CLA Summit Rome 2015
Making new friends at the CLA Summit Rome 2015

The CLA Summit is a get-together of Certified LabVIEW Architects hosted by NI. This year’s summit took place in beautiful Rome, Italy, from 13th-15th April. I treated myself to the trip after achieving all three certification levels (CLAD, CLD, CLA) over the course of the last 12 months.

Edit 2021: Little did I know back then that this trip would transform my whole career. Meeting all the wonderful people and hearing about the awesome things they do with LabVIEW turned my world upside down and put me in the right place. It was both a sobering and motivating experience 🙂

For more details, read the following blog posts written by our #LabVIEWfriends:

Here are some pictures I took:

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