ALA Summit 2018

The Alliance of LabVIEW Architects finally had its long-awaited first summit! The ALA Summit 2018 enabled our group to meet and exchange ideas!

Day One of the ALA Summit 2018
Day One of the ALA Summit 2018


The Alliance of LabVIEW Architects, or ALA for short was formed by 6 European companies dedicated to advancing the development process of LabVIEW software. It has members from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany. Each founding member is a certified LabVEW Architect. Hence the name. The CLA certification is the highest certification offered by National Instruments. Above all, CLAs design the application architecture and manage the development of individual components by other engineers, providing technical leadership and guidance on development best practices.

The Alliance of LabVIEW Architects

For more information, check out the official website, or Darren Mather’s post!

ALA Summit 2018

The Summit was located in a lovely cottage in Adderbury in the South East of England. Due to the cottage containing a living room suitable for discussing the many varying topics, we decided that it would be the ideal location.

In-depth discussions at the ALA Summit 2018
Presenting at the ALA Summit 2018

Darren Mather, of iNU Solutions wrote an excellent in-depth post of the ALA Summit, detailing the huge amount of organisation and planning that we had to carry out in order to create this event. Take a look here!

In conclusion, this experience was phenomenal and we’re looking forward to assembling again!

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