HAMPEL SOFTWARE ENGINEERING is a small, owner-managed company located in Würzburg, Germany, a beautiful city at the heart of the Frankfurt-Nürnberg-Stuttgart triangle.

We offer software engineering services focusing on NI LabVIEW™. We have a proven track record of nearly 20 years of  successfully delivered real-world projects.

We are very proud of the long-term and cooperative relationships based on mutual trust and respect with our customers, who come from international corporations as well as medium-sized and small high-tech companies.

We love the LabVIEW community and the NI ecosystem. We help make it an even better place by contributing locally and internationally.

Würzburg (photo by Christian Horvat)
Würzburg (photo by Christian Horvat)


Creating value every single day, acting responsibly,
failing and learning from it, and having as much fun as possible!

Bence Barthó

Junior Software

Manuel Sebald


Alexandra Hampel

CFO, Accounting & Controlling

Jörg Hampel

CEO, Software

We also maintain permanent business relationships with  freelance experts of various LabVIEW specialities like Vision or Sound & Vibration.


New Team Member

We’re hiring!

If you are looking for a new challenge, if you love working with people, if you know your way around LabVIEW, and if you share our passion and our values, then get in touch!







People before Process before Programming



As fellow humans, we fancy using technology, but we really love working with people.



As aspiring entrepreneurs, we continuously strive to refine our best practice approaches.



As avid LabVIEW evangelists, we enjoy introducing LabVIEW into uncommon problem domains.


We are part of an office sharing project called the “KreativRaum”, situated in one of the revitalized buildings of the historic Bürgerbräu area in Würzburg.

Light wood, large glass surfaces, historic stonework and steel beams –  the atmosphere created by this contrast makes our creativity thrive.

What really sets this location apart, though, are the people that work here! Read more about the office and our team building events.

KreativRaum 02
© Archicult / Photo: Patrick Hamacher
KreativRaum 01
© Archicult / Photo: Patrick Hamacher