LabVIEW Tip of the Day 2024-03-14:

Great News: The Community is in good hands (again)!

We congratulate Elijah Kerry on his new role as Software Community Director at NI!

Elijah will hit the ground running, building on Nancy's exceptional groundwork for the community spirit for which we are very grateful. We're excited about the renewed focus on community and innovation that their leadership has brought and will proceed to bring.

We believe that this renewed commitment from NI will only strengthen the LabVIEW ecosystem – especially with Elijah's many years of experience, dedication to software excellence and his commitment to fostering our vibrant community.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance that strong collaboration and trust within the community holds for us. So, with a new Software Community Director at the helm, we anticipate even greater opportunities for the NI software ecosystem.

Elijah's Post

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