LabVIEW Tip of the Day 2023-05-11:

Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge

Hello again! Even as the weather is turning into summer, some things never change. Let HSE take you on a trip back in time.

Remember Internet Explorer? Hopefully, it's just a distant memory for you now. But some of us still need to use it for LabVIEW development.

Take the Phar Lap ETS Real-Time OS for example. It's currently being phased out, in favour of NI Linux RT. But of course, many users still use it.

For those of us, who are accessing Phar Lap targets via a browser, we just found out a brilliant tip: the Microsoft Edge browser has a built-in capability to switch to an Internet Explorer compatibility mode. This allows you to use Microsoft Silverlight properly. Check out the official guide here:

IE Mode

Microsoft Silverlight is no longer supported by Microsoft, since 2021. However, you may encounter a lot of legacy LabVIEW code still utilising it. For those cases, this browser trick comes in handy. For a more future-proof solution, see NI's site on which software versions have migrated away from Silverlight:


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