LabVIEW Tip of the Day 2020-06-16:

National Instruments is now NI

Not strictly LabVIEW-related, but probably still very interesting for LabVIEW users: National Instruments has renamed itself to NI and updated its Corporate Identity.

Quoting directly from Eric Starkloff's letter:

National Instruments has been transforming to better serve you—the engineers and enterprises creating extraordinary solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.
So, you may notice some things look a little different about us. For starters, we’re shortening our name to NI to acknowledge the global markets we serve and because we do so much more than create “instruments.” We have a new look that reflects our people-first mindset and commitment to making a positive impact on humanity. We launched a modernized website to improve your experience. And we have a new logo to illustrate our forward-thinking approach to engineering.

NI's redesigned website boasts the new corporate design, most prominently the green colors and the flat ni logo.

There's a dedicated landing page offering Perspectives like this one:

For more than 40 years, NI has developed automated test and automated measurement systems that help engineers solve the world’s toughest challenges. Let’s work together to find creative solutions to help your organization succeed today, tomorrow, and for the next 100 years.

Let's see how NI's transformation will affect our business relationship. We do like the new language, it shares some of the spotlight with small partners like us who are focusing on software and consulting services.

Be bold. Be kind. Be connectors. And #EngineerAmbitiously!

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