LabVIEW Tip of the Day 2018-09-11:

Hidden Gems in vi.lib

We had talked about this before, and it came up again at GDevCon #1, so here we go. The hidden gems are a bunch of VIs that come with LabVIEW, but are not officially exposed. You can install a VIPM package to get easier access to them. Taken from NI's website:

The NI Hidden Gems in vi.lib package gives you direct access to helpful VIs and libraries that are shipped with NI LabVIEW software. This LabVIEW Tools Network download installs Quick Drop and palette entries for many useful but undocumented VIs. Browse useful VIs in categories such as Variant data type parsing, string parsing, file manipulation, project/library manipulation, and more.

Note: These VIs are not officially supported by NI. For technical support, post to the Hidden Gems in vi.lib NI Community site.

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