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We are LabVIEW software engineering enthusiasts with a focus on process and workflow standardisation and automation. Our mission is to help others create better software.

HAMPEL SOFTWARE ENGINEERING is the first German NI Center Of Excellence, a member of the NI Alliance Partner program and the Alliance of LabVIEW Architects and a DQMH Trusted Advisor. On our team, we have the first Austrian LabVIEW Champion, two Certified LabVIEW Architects (CLA), a Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD) and two Certified Professional Instructors (CPI). Our About page holds more information on the whole team.


Siemens Energy
High voltage, direct current (HVDC) is key for long-distance bulk electric power transmission. Siemens Energy developed a revolutionary new test concept for HVDC components and selected us to guide industry experts from Siemens Energy and scientists from Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg using the NI platform to implement a proof of concept for that new test circuit at record speed.

Building on the success of the proof of concept, we now support its migration into a fully-grown software test application for the world-wide leading facility for HVDC tests, which is currently being built from the ground up in Nuremberg.


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MT Aerospace, the German aerospace specialist from Augsburg, signed a multi-million Euro contract with our customer HAGE for the supply of a custom HAGEmatic for precision work on the Bulkhead of Ariane 6, a rocket of the European Space Agency (ESA).

HAGE entrusted us with the implementation of a distributed monitoring and logging system that leverages the power and flexibility of NI LabVIEW and the NI RIO technology to supervise - amongst others - milling and friction stir welding processes.


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HSE Summit 2023

After the great success of the last HSE Summit, we finally had a chance to host one again! Now free from any travel restrictions, our entire international team could participate. We had it all: visiting customers, laser tag, fine dining, and strategy meetings! At ZF Mobility Solutions Day 1 On the first day, we visited one of our largest clients, ZF Mobility Solutions, at their headquarters. We've worked closely together with them, but mostly remotely until now. It is always lovely to meet the actual person behind the video calls. We had the pleasure of watching their cutting-edge autonomous vehicle research. This way, we could see, hear and touch the hardware our software is testing. Software engineering is generally an abstract process, and this is why we are glad to be able to work in the LabVIEW ecosystem. Our #labviewfriends all work with extraordinarily cool and hands-on projects. We continued meeting our friends, with a lovely dinner in an Italian restaurant. At a restaurant with ZF Day 2 On the second day, we started the decidedly less glamorous yet vital and interesting task, the yearly team strategy meeting. Discussing the results and lessons of 2022 and planning our winning strategy for 2023 is no easy feat. We spent several hours evaluating our todos for our customers and designing our solutions. Afterwards, to relieve the tension, we headed straight to a laser-tag arena! Releasing our pent-up energy by running, hiding, ducking, and weaving was the best way to go. After two hours, everyone was exhausted. We had the chance to see each other's problem-solving techniques applied to a unique situation. Who ran, who hid, who charged recklessly? All aspects that don't usually occur in day-to-day business. To round off the great day, we had to, according to tradition, visit a steakhouse. Pleasant company, captivating conversations, tons of appetisers, local beers and wine, and rare steaks. What could be better? Laser tag Annual HSE steak dinner Day 3 and the next HSE Summit On the third day, we had to say farewell to Ioan and Alexander. We spent the rest of the day recuperating from the surprisingly strenuous exercise from the day prior. This was our chance to discuss the details of our internal reporting/controlling system, which forms the backbone of all our project planning and estimating. With the summit coming to an end, we all felt reinvigorated and ready to take on anything 2023 has to offer! Do you want to be a core part of our 2023 business year? Contact us now, if you have any LabVIEW projects in mind! Contact us!

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