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Hampel Software Engineering GmbH

Bürgerbräu, Geb. 13 (Picherei)
Frankfurter Straße 87
97082 Würzburg, Germany

Location: KreativRaum

We are part of an office sharing project called the “KreativRaum”, situated in one of the revitalized buildings of the historical Bürgerbräu area in Würzburg, a beautiful town in the region of Franken in Bayern (Bavaria), Germany. See this blog post for more information and a few pictures.

Our offices and our parking lot are accessible from Frankfurter Straße only, you cannot reach us directly from within the Bürgerbräu Area! The entrance to the parking lot is vis-à-vis Frankfurter Straße 120 (on the opposite, southern side of the road). Take a look at our custom parking space map for alternatives.

How to find us

Arriving from west If you’re arriving from the west (A3 from Frankfurt or A81 from Heilbronn), passing through Waldbüttelbrunn or Hettstadt, the Bürgerbräu area is situated directly at the city limits. You’ll find our parking lot just before the roundabout on your right-hand side.

Arriving from east If you’re arriving from the east (A3 from Nürnberg or A7), passing through Würzburg center, please drive past the Bürgerbräu area and past the roundabout. You’ll find our parking lot right after the roundabout on your left-hand side.